05 Dec

It is a common approach to use exams in ascertaining the ability of prospective candidates for any positions. Education systems, professional bodies and other organizations use this as a measure to identify the best performers. In order to serve in the Indian government one is required to have successfully undertaken various IAS exams and performed to the satisfaction of regulating bodies.

Unlike the traditional exams, IAS exams follow a specified pattern. Each candidate is required to start from the preliminary stage and proceeds as per individual performance. It is the outcome of the exams that helps the government to select the most suitable candidates to hold the different positions available within its civil service. The administration system in India features all the civil service workers in the government. IAS By IAS exams however take consideration of the areas of service by the officers in offering the exams. Exams therefore feature on the intended areas of performance and in such way vary with government sectors.

An important qualification to take part in the exams is the age of the candidate. Minimum and maximum age is always set for candidates seeking to take different stages of the exam. Through this move, it is possible to ensure that within every cadre in the workforce there is a productive team at all times. The minimum age as set for one to take part in the exam is to be at least 21 years. Promotions and rise within the public service is heavily reliant on the performance in IAS exams. At every step through the exam process, the candidate is limited to the number of times they can sit for the exam. Candidates therefore get a chance to get a second attempt on any stage while at the same time serving to reduce overcrowding of candidates at one point.

Like any exam, IAS By IAS exams have a specified schedule in which they are undertaken. Candidates are required to register for exams indicating the most convenient center to undertake the exam. Candidates who register are further required to specify centers where they will be best placed to undertake the exams. The IAS exam process comes with a range of restrictions. The restrictions are set as requirements that must be in place for the candidate to gain eligibility for a specific test. These however vary with stages and the preferred choice of job within the administration.

There is a regulating body for the IAS examinations. In order to be considered by this body, the candidate needs to have passed the preliminary tests. Passing the preliminary tests allows the candidates to take part in exams that are related to one responsibilities in administration. Candidates therefore gain certification upon passing each of the stages and thus eligibility to move higher. To get some facts about exam, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-examination.

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