05 Dec

Service to your county is not an endeavour in vain. People usually equate service to the state to joining the military.  However, there are numerous ways to help grow your country.  Have you ever considered enrolling with the civil service? Well, one way to accomplish the above is to join the IAS. The Indian Administrative Service is the administrative branch of all Indian services and is considered the prime civil service section in India.  One can participate in various roles in the public sector, once you become an officer of the IAS.  To join the IAS is to a degree a tall order.  The only route in is being part of one of the most globally competitive examinations conducted by the UPSC.  I am talking about the IAS examinations and this article is all about them.

The best place to start will be the core of the IAS exam that is its layout.  The examination is conducted over three successive stages. First, one has to tackle the preliminary exam, then go deal with the main examination before partaking in an interview.  The first level is a screening stage in which the applicants sit for two papers with multiple choices.  You must pass these two papers to get a shot at the main exam. However, the results of this stage don't count in your overall score.  The main exam will mostly use essay type of questions across nine papers.  Finally, you have a personality assessment in the last level, the interview.  Ultimately, it will be your score in the last two stages that dictates your fate. Click this website to know more about exam, go to https://www.britannica.com/topic/Scholastic-Aptitude-Test.

 We now must discuss your eligibility for the IAS exams. After all you can't do an exam that you are not qualified for.  You must be an Indian citizen as prescribed by the various scenarios laid out by exam rules.  You are required to have a bachelor's degree from a recognized institution of higher learning or have technical qualifications that are recognized by the government.  Ensuring you sit for the qualifying exam should also feature highly in your priority list. There is also an age limit set, with a minimum of 21 years and a maximum of 32 years at play. Be sure to find out more here!

Finally, let us consider the issue of preparation.  Practice makes perfect, and the IAS exams are no exception, needing a lot of practice for one to make it through. Most experts out there state that you need at least ten to twelve months of thorough preparation to sail through the IAS exams. Due to the intense competition and limited slots, you will need a clear and effective strategy to make it. Quality and quantity go together in the IAS exams, so keep this in mind as you revise. Make sure to learn more here!

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